What You Believe In

It’s been a few weeks since I stopped wandering around castles and palaces. I no longer wait in corridors for people to stop walking in the frame.

It’s been a few weeks since I started asking questions in coffee shops. To friends, colleagues, strangers. We drink, we walk, we eat tapas, sometimes we laugh, sometimes tears fill our eyes. I ask them what they’re made of and they tell me what life means to them.

 Unexpectedly, people who have never asked for anything from me generously open up and divulge their innermost thoughts. We talk about trust and what it means to be a man, or a woman. We talk about what their beliefs are, what they hide from themselves or from others, what they are grateful for.

With “There Was Silence”, I visited amazing places from all centuries and cultures. With “What You Believe In”, I’m discovering the beauty in the people around me. And I hope that if I focus hard enough on what’s beautiful about them, they will not lose sight of it either.