"I don't even question trust. It's natural."

Tim is my friend Marie’s mother. When I went to Thailand three years ago, she looked after me, with gentleness. Back in Bangkok last April, I felt her affection surrounding me with strength. She even gave me a sign of all the beautiful things coming towards me, probably without even realising.

Tim seems elusive, ethereal and walks on Earth with grace, joyful eyes and has a serene voice. Many innuendos pass in her eyes, where one can read her sharp intelligence.

Here are the responses of one of the most enigmatic women I know and yet, whom I trust completely:


"I don't even question trust."



What does trust mean for you?

Tim - Trust is not something to do with people. First of all, I trust myself, then I can trust everybody. I don’t even question trust. It’s natural. Why would we try to explain it? And if I can’t trust someone, I don’t mind. With these people, we don’t speak the same language, that’s all. It’s a shame for them.

What does it mean to be a woman?

Tim - Feeling good. Happy. We don’t have to compare it with being a man, we only get to compare them when they’re standing next to each other. Each in their own way. I’m pretty glad there aren’t just men and women, now there are more genders too.


Is there anything you believe in, to help you move forward?

Tim - Nature evolves and we take things as they come. I don’t ask myself too many questions when there are problems. We have to know how to face them, that’s all. Sometimes it’s negative, sometimes it’s positive. We shouldn’t judge. If we judge, it means we’re afraid. We should avoid some things we don’t dare to do, the ones we don’t want to face, but it doesn’t mean we’re afraid. For example, someone stronger than you, you shouldn’t walk straight towards them, you stop and you let him pass. That’s it.

Is there anything you hide from yourself? Or from others?

Tim - People I’ve known in my childhood ask me “Tim, why aren’t you coming with us? Do you have new friends?”... For me, there is not just one group of friends, we’ve got friends from university, friends from work… It’s not that I was avoiding them. At each moment in life, we’re evolving. Maybe we no longer have things to talk about. Well, we stay like this. We shouldn’t try to keep everything, to bring everything back. “I don’t see you because I don’t see you. It doesn’t mean I’m avoiding you. But if I don’t want to see you, I’m not going to force myself”. I don’t mean to be rude. Because I’m quite polite normally. For me, it’s hard not to tell the truth… so it’s best to be frank. With some people, it’s not our time anymore. To some people, I no longer have things to say.

Is there anything you’re grateful for?

Tim - Nature. The nature of people too. But when Marie introduces me to people, strangers, and tells me “Mum, this is my family”, I say hello, I’m happy to be here. But… that’s it. Don’t expect more from me.