They are grateful for...

They say that if you focus hard enough on what to be grateful for in your life, you can forget about what causes you pain, sadness and worry and you can attract more of these nice things to be grateful for. I am not saying this is to be taken as a scientific fact but my experience led me to believe there is some truth in that. Maybe it’s only a nice way to trick your mind into being happy. But who cares really? As long as it works…

As I went on with What You Believe In, I quickly added a new question to my interviews: what are you grateful for? In a previous article, I gave you my own reasons to be grateful. Although they are still valid today, I have even more reasons today. And I couldn’t tell you whether it’s because I’ve focused on that hard enough or if it’s pure coincidence. Again, who cares really? It’s worked.

This week is Thanksgiving and although not all of you will be celebrating it, you all have something to be grateful for. I’ve compiled some of your responses here to help the feeling spread further:

Isik - I’m really grateful for my boyfriend, who’s always so loving and so supportive of my growth, what I do. Even at times when it means we have to be apart to grow and then come back together…I’m surrounded by beautiful people. I’m grateful for myself, how quickly I’m able to learn and shift. I change every month, it’s insane! (...) I’m just grateful for having this life, really. It has its ups and downs but I love every second of it. 

Ewa - I’m grateful for my friends. Because they really support me with my disease, but also with my decisions. I trust them and they trust me. It’s a really warm feeling to know that there are people you can trust. My friends are amazing. I’m grateful for them.

Ghislain - My origins. (...) It’s always been something I’ve been proud of. My father is moroccan, my mother is french. And it’s true I managed to feel at home both in Morocco and in France. I’ve always been proud of this, to be able to speak arabic, to be able to write it…

Petra - I moved to London four years ago, it was my little project, I always wanted to do that and I did it on my own. I did it with my money. But I always knew that there was a family back home in Prague, and if anything should happen, they would support me, they would help me out. I’m grateful for having this safety net, that not everybody has. I feel like I was fortunate to have parents who were supportive of me moving abroad. I’m definitely grateful for that.

Kate - I’m grateful for everything that life has shown me, has thrown at me, continues to show me, continues to challenge me with. I’m grateful for what I’ve been able to build up in my life, in terms of material things but also in terms of my skills and my knowledge. The one thing I am grateful for is that I’ve found my mojo. I’ve found what I’m good at.

Roberto - I’m really grateful for my parents, my family. Everything they’ve done for me… I wasn’t always appreciative of what they did for me when I was younger. But now I’m really grateful. They have been building the family up to the standards it’s got now. They made a big effort for me and my brother.

Susy - I’m trying to find a special thing in each day to be grateful for. Like, every single day, I live. I get a chance to live my life. I could have followed someone else’s path but no, I decided to make my own and to really be myself.

Adam - Friends. Privilege. The ability to not have to worry day to day about things.

Yvon - Chocolate. Being able to feel, to taste. We take pleasure from where we want to. Gratitude is more something to do with my family, my mother. Her dignity, her strength. Because we inherited her strength.

Sophie - To an extent, I’m grateful for everything. I consider myself a very privileged person, in the grand scheme of things. I’m grateful specifically for the people around me. I’ve got a really strong group of close friends that I can turn to, for just about anything. I think about soul mates sometimes. I don’t believe in a soulmate at all. But I believe in a group of soulmates, the people you meet by chance - school, university, work or whatever, and actually you’re like “I don’t think I can imagine my life without you”.

Teddy - Tolerance from certain people. Some people are way more tolerant than others on certain topics. When I confessed to my family that I was gay, I was immediately told it was not a problem. But when I was younger, it was blocking me. Now… I know what I am, no questions asked.

Annabella - I am grateful to be able to read people’s stories. Read stories, period. Being able to write my own and to have the words for it, again and again. And having the imaginary, the imagination and having this possibility.

Laora - For everything. It’s not hard. I live. I breathe. It means that having a life, I have a chance to add up experiences and to meet people. It’s adding up, storing things, it’s wealth. Just the possibility is incredible. To live is a formidable chance.

Emeline - These days I’m grateful for many things. I am grateful for everything life brought me. For the happiness I’ve got. For my son, this baby who’s just magnificent. For his dad, my lover. For the chance I have to live what I live.


And you, what are you grateful for?