There Was Silence

For a long time, I could not explain why I was taking shots of empty palaces, streets, houses and other gorgeous heritage sites. I spent nearly two years wandering around the globe, visiting the most wonderful places, yet, avoiding crowds at all costs. It turned out that looking at my pictures, empty of anyone who could ever bother me, was bringing me peace and quiet. A feeling I most desperately needed after experiencing some harsh disappointments with people. 

Funny enough, my series "There Was Silence" turned out to be a door to the outside world, as an artist. This is how I started #SavingVenice. This is why I was travelling more and more. This is how I got to meet amazing people who helped me get my pictures out there. And it also brought me a lot of pride. Being able to show the results of an afternoon outside with my camera, seeing the approval in the eyes of people I loved was the best feeling in the world. And having those same people talking about me as a "photographer" made me think I had made it. I was seen just as I wanted to be. 


There Was Silence

So it encouraged me every day. I had no idea where this series was going but I enjoyed seeing the beauty in old places, as one would taking portraits of older generations sharing stories of the past. And then one day, I read in a book:

'On pilgrimages of this sort it was tempting to think the dead might materialise, that a visit to an old home or a walk through old haunts might bring them back'.

This quote felt like everything had fallen into place. My hunger for heritage architecture and my passion for history were explained right here. I was trying to capture the essence left by characters you only read about in history books. I never got to meet Anne Boleyn or anyone else. But I got as close from them as one can be, living in the XXI century. And I'm grateful for this journey I took in our world's history and heritage. 

However, I am aware that this emptiness has brought a curse on me. They say you attract what you think of, and even more what you create. It seems I nurtured solitude as I was taking more and more pictures of empty places. In my mind, I was only trying to show my worth to the people I loved. Trying to build a future where anything would be possible. I worked hard for it, sometimes missing the present and the reality that comes with it. I missed what was even more important than a future, the present. And what we believe in. What we truly believe in, as human beings. What makes us worthy of trust, love, care and attention. So my next series will focus on people and what you believe in. I never want to miss the truth again. No matter how deep you keep it hidden from yourself or others.

To everyone out there who reads this, be true. Because karma is coming. Always. And that is what I believe in.