"What I believe in most, it's karma"

Sophie is my cousin. The one I heard about as a kid, that I wouldn’t see very often but who I loved very much. For the last few years, we’ve mostly seen each other abroad or in between two existential crises.

Sophie is one of these women whose life hasn’t been easy, and yet, who continues to walk towards a certain ideal life. Because she deserves it. Because we all do. And we should never stop believing it.

What is trust?

Sophie - Good question! How could I define trust? For me, it’s when you can fully open up to someone without worrying about betrayal. You can’t give it to just anybody, it takes time to build. Once given or received, you fully open up, you give yourself. To me, that’s trust.

Sophie M

What I believe in most, it's karma.



What does it mean to be a woman?

Sophie - Oh… it’s complicated, complex but awesome. Yes, I find that awesome to be a woman, but nowadays, I think we’re being asked a lot, and always more. In a way, it’s interesting and motivating, but on the other hand it’s a heavy burden. We have to perform at our best everywhere. At home, with kids, at work, always being the best and with a smile on our face of course… Being a woman today, to me, is like superwoman! I don’t really know how our grandmothers used to see their status, they were very secretive about their desires, their dreams, their illusions… Of course being a woman today is better than ever before, at least in the western world, but it’s also stressful and not necessarily acknowledged, it’s tiring…

What do you hide?

Sophie - Many things, because despite the appearances, I’m not very confident… To people, I might hide what I think is a flaw or a weakness. And to myself, I’d hide things I don’t like or that I don’t want to face. For example, certain thoughts or opinions I don’t dare to share because I feel like I’m the only one to think that way. But also things that might hurt someone else, or for which I’m not very confident. But in time, we learn to hide less and less, particularly to oneself, and that’s what makes us go forward!

What do you believe in?

Sophie - I was going to tell you that I don’t know anymore… But after visiting St Paul this afternoon, I felt a spiritual connexion again… I’ve always been into buddhism, faith… but what I believe in most, it’s karma. Everything happens for a reason, each action is followed by consequences that we’ll have to take responsibility for, one way or another, good or bad… butterfly effect!

What are you grateful for?

Sophie - Despite the tornadoes in my life and my current state of mind, funny enough, I want to say everything! First of all, to be alive, it’s formidable… Gratitude for life, to be here, to be able to travel, having a choice, it’s not always been like this. This is an amazing chance. Even though we don’t always appreciate it, me included, it’s good to remember it sometimes!