Micro Stories

Ever since I visited Andalusia, I've wanted to go to Arab countries and see more of their beautiful architecture. 

This April, I finally made my way to Morocco. Yes, the architecture is stunning. Yes, Marrakesh's old medina does feel like a film set and yes, the food is delicious. 

But for the first time in my travels, I've been impressed by more than just the food or the buildings. I've been impressed by the stories. The Arabs have always been great storytellers, everybody knows that. 

Micro Stories

Heard in Morocco

But it's only once you've experienced even the smallest conversations that you realise how good they actually are. 

I don't promise you the One Thousand and One Nights 2.0 but rather micro-stories heard around Marrakesh and Essaouira from locals, travellers and emigrated Moroccans.