"I think about death a lot"

Martin is the friend of a friend. We sometimes meet in corridors, around coffee or a meal shared with others. He likes to lighten the mood with sarcastic jokes that everyone loves, as a sign of his sharp humour.

He’s one of these people you can never really capture, always making you wonder whether or not you should drop your guard… One evening, Martin saw my camera on the table and asked me what I was doing.

Three minutes later, he was starting to answer my questions too. Here are his short responses, which say no less:


"I think about death a lot"



What is trust for you?

Martin - I don’t know… it’s tough. Fidelity? It’s about self-confidence, but then when it comes to confidence in others… not really no.

What does it mean to be a man?

Martin - It’s having things under control. There isn’t much difference between being a man and being a woman. It’s living one’s life. I don’t see much comparison…

Is there anything you hide from yourself? Or from others?

Martin - Yeah, I think we all hide things… I hide things from others… and from myself, I don’t think so… no. I know myself quite well, I’m ok to be the person I am.

Is there anything you believe in?

Martin - Not much… The only thing I believe in is myself. It’s like trust.


Is there anything you’re grateful for in life?

Martin - Yeah… people. It’s changing quite often, but people. They have gratitude for what I do. And I for them.

Is there something you’re afraid of in life?

Martin - Death. Old age. I think about it a lot.

What do you want from life?

Martin - Taking advantage before I get to this stage.