"Being a woman is like receiving a gift"

I’ve known Marie for 14 years. She likes to tell people I was her first friend when she arrived from Bangkok. I feel blessed to have landed on her path because she’s been a rock of a friend throughout the years. Last April, Marie got married. First in Bangkok, where, shaken by the emotion, I never managed to finish my bridesmaid speech. Then in France, where we got to do a civil ceremony after which I did this interview. This time, I only messed up with the signature in the register, which still has a mark in the margin.

Marie’s wedding carries a very deep symbolism for me. During the first ceremony, something important was ending in my life. During the second ceremony, the door opened onto something else. I still can’t define it but the Universe was definitely plotting that day. Many of Marie and her husband’s guests accepted to take part in this project, answering my questions one after the other, whether they knew me or not, with generosity and tolerance.

If Marie has shown me strength in one particular domain, it’s this one. She assembles people together, nurtures them and carries on in life without letting anything stop her. Here are her answers:

Mariage Marie France - 2 - 2017.jpg

Being a woman is like receiving a gift



What is trust for you?

Marie - Trust, for me, is the ability to do each thing feeling good.

What does it mean to be a woman?

Marie - Being a woman, for me, is like receiving a gift, being able to be more sensitive than other people in general. Maybe it’s having a sixth sense for some of us. It’s being a spokesperson. She will know how to speak on behalf of anyone. She will know how to explain how people feel, a man, another woman, an older person, a child, even an animal or a plant… I think a woman can feel things we can’t explain with words…


Is there anything you believe in?

Marie - If I have to choose only one thing, it’s maternal love. Always. This bond that no one can break, I think. Even in the most critical moments, for a child, thinking about his mum can save him, bring him back on the right path. There’s also the power of thoughts. The fact that a good thought as you start your day can contribute to everything going well. Always.

Is there anything you hide from yourself? Or from others?

Marie - Of course. From myself, I know already. From others, some people know. Some secrets are a part of my life that I’d like to start over or forget about. And some other secrets reassure me. It’s nice to have a secret garden.

Is there something you’re particularly grateful for?

Marie - I would say the choices my family and closest friends made in general. Not all of them were the best ones but it’s what brought me where I am today and helped me grow step by step.