"I Believe in Life. In Earth."

What is trust?

Laora - Trust is knowing, I think, that you can say anything to a person. If there’s a problem, you can tell them. Just like they would tell you. And then you can just work hand in hand to improve things.

What does tenderness mean to you?

Laora - It’s the softness of the soul.

What does it mean to be a woman?

Laora - It’s complicated… It’s to be a human being at first, so there are things in common with being a man. But it’s about knowing that you’ll get certain ordeals, quite formidable ones, and you’ll face them in a very different way than men would. You’ll learn different lessons from the same ordeals. Having formidable ordeals in life is being a woman, I think. Hard ones, but they’ll make someone extraordinary out of you, at the end of your life.

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"I believe in Life. In Earth."


And a man?

Laora - It’s not so much about what is a man, rather than what is a man’s worth. I want to talk about that. You should see his worth in the way he looks at the woman he cares about. Whether she’d be his mother, his sister, his girlfriend… You should see it. Given that the eyes are supposed to be the window into our souls, when you look at someone looking at the person they care about, you should see his worth like this.

What do you believe in?

Laora - I believe in life, in Earth. Even in the worst times of my life, if I go outside and let the wind ruffle my face, I can tell myself that it’s all going to be ok. Because it’s always there, it’s always beautiful. Even if there are a lot of ugly things, you only have to go outside to see that beauty is right here. Whatever bad thing happens, it’s only a brief moment. I also feel like there’s no coincidence, there’s something in the air, around us. We’re never alone. We know it. And once we’ve realised it, it’s a real strength because even in the worst of times, you can wrap yourself with this presence. One’s own personal guardian angel. I’ve known for a long time that he’s around, and it’s helped me many times. When I was really struggling, even in the street I could imagine myself hand in hand with something or someone.

 What do you hide from yourself? Or from others?

Laora - It’s pretty easy. The fact that in the end, I’m not that perfect, whilst for people around me, who rely on me, even you for example, I’d like to be perfect. To be an absolutely perfect role model, to help people cope with their ordeals, so they’d have me to comfort them. And I don’t hide anything from myself. It’s too important, there’s no point hiding things from yourself. Because when you do hide something from yourself, you open the door to insurmountable ordeals. You need to know yourself, even your worst flaws, your worst traumas. Knowing that they’re here is what will make you a very strong person. And then you can realise that any test, any word is because of something. There’s no hiding from oneself.

What are you grateful for?

Laora - For everything. It’s not hard. I live. I breathe. It means that having a life, I have a chance to add up experiences and meetings. It’s adding up, storing things, it’s wealth. Just the possibility is incredible. To live is a formidable chance. And just this is enough really. In times when your health isn’t that good, like it happens to me sometimes, actually I don’t care. Because I’m incredibly lucky. And then you’re grateful for the place you were born in. We should remember what some people face in the world. Just this, knowing you were born in the right place, somehow. So you have to make something good out of this. And you have to help others who weren’t born in the right place.