"I’m very grateful to my mother"

What is trust?

Justyna - I think trust means, for me, that people are… we can understand each other. It’s support. Sometimes it’s in basic situations. We can rely on each other and feel safe when we’re together. Nothing bad can happen.

What does it mean to be a woman?

Justyna - Even if we don’t want to admit that, we’re very sensitive. And because we’re very sensitive, we think about things very differently. We feel different relations, for example with our family members. And that sensitivity goes to many different layers. Also it’s about giving birth… I’m not a mother, but it’s understanding that.


"I'm very grateful to my mother"



What do you hide from yourself or others?

Justyna - I hide most of what I am to others. I think I want to be a very strong person outside. So people will think “oh she’s strong, she’s independent, she knows what she’s doing in life”. And that’s basically how I’m doing everything. I’m a very happy, cheerful and optimistic person. And then there’s what I am inside. It’s totally different. I’m a person who’s easily depressed, sad… I don’t really want to show that. And I don’t want to show that to others because that would be admitting that life is very difficult. So if you hide it from others, you might help them cope better. It’s living two different lives. I’m also hiding from myself that it’s not that easy. Hiding what’s wrong, pretend and believe that it’s better than it really is. I manage to believe in that lie most of the times. The worst part is sitting alone at home and then thinking about all the difficult situations. There, you can’t hide from anyone or anything. But most of the times, when I’m at work, or outside, with people, I just carry on. I have the happy, fabulous life. I think it works.

What is your inner strength? Something you believe in?

Justyna - I don’t believe in religion, in any gods. Probably there’s some kind of higher force but that doesn’t affect me that much. The things I really believe in… I think it’s the inner strength that I got from my mother, because she’s a very independent person. Being a small kid, looking at my mum who could do everything by herself, building a house, raising a child, having a really great job… she never stopped dreaming. Seeing that strength made me realise I have to be just as strong. I have to make dreams come true. Even if I fail. My mum didn’t fail. I mean, maybe she failed sometimes. But she’s so strong. It gave me strength.

What are you grateful for?

Justyna - I’m very grateful to my mother. It took me some time to be grateful, because when I was a teenager I was very unhappy with everything. But, at some point, I realised that she did a very great job. I wouldn’t be here, having a great job, in the UK… I wouldn’t have had so many amazing adventures if she hadn’t stayed by me all the time. There was a lot of discipline from her, it wasn’t very easy… that’s why I have this kind of rules in my life, which I follow. I’m grateful for that, the way she raised me.