"Love Conquers Everything"

What is trust?

Ismael - Trust is something which takes years to gain and a second to break. Trust is being fully confident with someone with a piece of information. Or, with your feelings. Trust is, for some people, a very sensitive subject. I’ve dealt with a lot of situations in the past where I’ve been able to trust people, and not trust people. Because I’m ok with it. Real life situations would reveal your true friends, no matter how long you’ve known them. That can also make you lose trust in someone. Just like real life situations can show you how much you can trust someone.


"Love conquers everything"


What does it mean to be a man?

Ismael - For me, I think what I’ve been taught is “a man is a man”, “the man has no emotion”, “the man is the breadwinner”. But for me, the man is someone who is true to himself, someone who is content with the individual that he is. I can express my feelings, no matter happy, sad, or whatever. And be fully confident with who I am, that is what a man is.

What do you believe in? What remains when there’s nothing left?

Ismael - Love. Love conquers everything. Because everything is dictated, determined by love or fear. And love always prevails. Spread love, share love, help people. We’re all energy and everyone goes through their own battles. So, it’s always good to share love, because it could really brighten someone’s day.

What do you hide from yourself? Or from others?

Ismael - There’s nothing I hide. You love me, or you hate me. I really don't mind.