"I believe in magic"

I met Isik when I was going through a pretty rough patch. I saw her eyes scanning me from head to toe, as if she were searching for the map leading to my inner self. Somehow, it didn’t feel threatening or invasive. She was just curious. Curious and awake.

I stayed in touch with Isik and saw her many posts about life and personal growth on her blog, which I really recommend you have a look at if you’re interested in this sort of topics. Isik is an intuitive guide, helping people find their way. I think we need more of these.

We met again at the end of last month, over a cup of tea in a theatre / café in London. Very generously, she gave me all the answers to what she believes in. And trust me, you won’t be disappointed.  

What does trust mean for you?

Isik - Trust for me means that you don’t have to figure out everything. You just know one thing, it might be the next step or a feeling you get from something and you trust that. It’s like surrender. You surrender without needing to know anything else. Trust is surrender.


"I believe in magic"



What does it mean to be a woman?

Isik - It’s to be vulnerable, to be yourself, to be open and soft and vulnerable in who you are. It’s about allowing yourself to feel, like flowering, blossoming, opening up. Allowing things to come to you naturally rather than you having to push things through, without the hustle and bustle and getting things done. It’s you and your natural being. You still have a vision, you still know where you want to go and you keep that, you focus on that. But you allow things to come to you. There is a sense of receptiveness about it. It’s funny because I’m trying to stay away from defining “I’m a woman”, you kind of get stuck in what that means, it’s something that keeps changing as well. It’s being yourself, in your body, being true to yourself. Now I’m thinking what does it mean to be a man, I’ve never been a man, not in this life at least! The way I see it, we both have masculine and feminine energies within us. Some women are more in tune with feminine energies, and some men are more in tune with masculine energies. But in terms of feminine energy, it’s about allowing and receiving. Imagine a bottle of water. The bottle is the container, the masculine. And the water is the feminine, that moves and flows. I see myself as this bottle of water, made of both energies. If you take the bottle separately, it’s just a bottle. If you take the water separately, it’s going to splash everywhere. You need to combine those two energies and switch in between. You’re not going to receive all the time or hold space all the time, it would become too extreme. It’s a balance of both.

What do you believe in?

Isik - I believe in magic. But not in a fairytale sense. Magic is something that your mind can’t comprehend. It’s something beyond you. When you trust it, when you trust that it’s there and you open yourself to it, there’s a whole world of opportunities... That’s magic! You know where you want to go, and you’re not worried how it’s going to happen or worried about the steps. You’re just allowing magic to unfold. I believe in love as well. Magic and love. When you feel love, you’re naturally in a high vibration and things start to happen. People pop up in your life. Money comes to you. I believe everyone has something incredible to offer to the world. Everyone has a gift, no matter where they are, no matter what their job is, their age… They have something amazing in them. That’s why I do what I do. Help people find their gift and express it. And I see that, even though they might be in a shitty job and have no faith in themselves, I still see it. Like this woman who is meant to combine make-up and coaching, something that’s never been done before. Or another woman empowering women to get in touch with their sensuality through her aromatherapy. It sounds insane at the beginning. But when together, we see their gift, and they do that, that’s like… the biggest fulfillment for me. I use intuitive tools where I guide them to get out of their ego and their mind, and really see if there were no limitations at all, what would their life look like. We feel it, see the vision and from that, work backwards to find the next step. All the thoughts about “I don’t have the money” or “I don’t have time” or “I’ll be judged”, that’s ego, a limited reality. When you get outside of that, there’s magic, and you start to realise “actually, this is what I can do”. So I believe everyone has something amazing to offer to the world.

Is there anything you hide from people? Or from yourself?

Isik - Sometimes I hide my insecurities. If I’m in my ego, I can be quite like “I have no clue what I’m doing”. I’m aware of that when it comes up and I can see that I haven’t figured it all out and honestly no one has even if they look like it. Sometimes, I deny how far I can go. It looks like a small step but it’s actually a much bigger thing, bigger than me. When I see that, there’s no way back. I’m usually honest with myself, although it’s not always the easy way, so worth it though.


Is there anything you’re particularly grateful for?

Isik - Oh my god! So much! Even last week, I was in this training in the middle of nature. The training was really intense but beautiful. And on the last day, I remember looking at everyone’s eyes and I couldn’t stop crying. I was thinking “thank you for this life, this body, these lessons and everything”. I’m grateful pretty much everyday. And I don’t force myself, I don’t have a gratitude journal or anything. I get this amazing cup of tea for example and I think “yay!”. I’m really grateful for my boyfriend, who’s always so loving and so supportive of my growth, what I do. Even at times when it means we have to be apart to grow and then come back together… I’m grateful for my family, how supportive they are, how loving they are. It’s incredible. I’m grateful for everything that’s happened in the past, all the lessons, all the fuck ups. This weekend I went to this 5 hour dancing and it’s pure bliss and joy. Made me feel so grateful for my body, if I didn’t have it, I wouldn’t be able to feel this bliss. We shouldn’t take for granted things like how we can lift our arms, shake our legs! I’m grateful for my friends. I’m surrounded by beautiful people. I’m grateful for myself, how quickly I’m able to learn and shift. I change every month, it’s insane! I’m grateful for the house I live in, with beautiful housemates. I’m just grateful for having this life, really. It has its ups and downs but I love every second of it.