A few weeks after starting this project, I find myself in possession of nearly 20 portraits. Friends, family, strangers. People I've asked several weeks ahead of time, others who spontaneously offered to participate, or some driven by curiosity, who listened to the answers of others before stepping in. People who have opened the door on who they are when no one's watching, they've switched on the lights for me and actually let me in.

One of them said to me he would have liked to know what my answers would have been in his place. "The Sprayed Sprinkler". I'm asking myself the same thing after each interview. When people start talking, the only thing that matters is getting the focus on the eyes and sometimes, I receive thunder from their answers. An emotional ride which prevents any form of comparison or judgement. These are slaps on the fragile balance of an immature philosophy. Simple words to explain elaborate concepts in life, in the most exquisite way. Age, experience or even my own prejudice are of no consequence here. People fascinate me. Sometimes it's about their elegance, sometimes it's in what they're not saying to the camera but that you can guess from seconds of hesitation.

Facing my sister who played my role behind my camera, I wanted to know what comes out of me when I'm being asked my own questions. The same questions I barely thought about on a virtual sticky note a few weeks ago. For each question asked, the past emerges through wet eyelashes, the voice trembles and there's not even a reason anymore. 24h later, thinking about it, I hate each of my answers. I said everything but what matters. 


"We're back on a human scale"


So let's speak about gratitude. What I am grateful for?

Do you know how it feels like when you've got an idea, and what you get from the smallest effort comes back at you a thousand times? This is what happens in this project when you answer my questions. When, suddenly, we're back on a human scale you and I. I wonder what goes on in your minds, in your bodies. But I'm grateful, because I feel alive when you talk about life in your language. 

Here again, I don't say everything. To be continued...