"If she tells me the sky is green, it’s green"

What is trust?

Gérard - It’s believing the other, systematically. If she tells me the sky is green, it’s green. I trust her.

Marielle - It’s never considering that the other one is lying to you. Simple as that. Then, the reality…

Gérard & Marielle

"If she tells me the sky is green, it’s green"


What does it mean to be a man / a woman?

Gérard - Being a man is being perfectly responsible and respectful. It’s enough, there’s no need for anything else.

Marielle - Being a woman is a way to approach life, with a lot of sensitivity, psychology, this little extra thing that men don’t have. Without playing the feminist card, we do have a particular sensitivity.

What do you hide from others? Or from yourselves?

Gérard - If I’m feeling pain, I don’t show it. I’m not someone who cries.

Marielle - You don’t show your sadness. The things I don’t show are my most intense feelings, because… it’s modesty. I hide some weaknesses to myself, things that belong in the past and that I prefer to keep buried.

What do you believe in? When everything’s falling apart, what’s left?

Gérard - Marielle. And chocolate.

Marielle - Love. Our relationship. Because we’re really good together, so we take our strengths from each other. Music too, small things in life.

What are you grateful for?

Marielle - I am grateful as long as I’ve got health. It’s essential. We can love, work, travel. As long as you’ve got a good health, you can do anything.

Gérard - No, I’m grateful for every day that goes by. I’m hopeful for tomorrow. I am grateful to see my daughters today. Tomorrow, it’ll be something else but today, it’s this.