"Trust is freedom"

I went to Gdansk a couple of weeks ago to see a concert from one of my favourite bands, Wardruna. In one of the city’s small coffee shops, there was Ewa. As my friend and I were looking for a table, she explained to me that the waitress was going to clear one for us. After telling her I couldn’t speak Polish, she switched to a perfect English and started chatting casually.

Ewa talked about her passion for French, her studies in art and architecture, and how she was proud to live in a city as beautiful as Gdansk. She hoped we’d get to see as much as possible.

My friend and I finally sat at our table but I wanted to know more about Ewa. I went back to her and asked if she’d be willing to have her portrait taken. And here it is. In ten minutes, Ewa decided to trust a complete stranger. Trust is such a complex concept. It seems that Ewa thought so too:


What does trust mean for you?

Ewa - Trust is being with someone and… you trust your family, you trust your friends. It’s letting someone in when you need them, as well as giving them space when they need it. Trust is freedom.

What does it mean to be a woman?

Ewa - That’s a hard question. It’s a little bit tough in a world of men. Because I work as an architect and an artist. In this field, there are many men. But I see a lot of change in this direction. There are a lot of women artists and architects. But then, these women will have children and some of them will give up their profession. And for me, being a woman right now, is not giving up your passion. It’s very important for me.

Ewa - 1 - 2017.jpg

"Trust is freedom"



Is there anything you hide from people? Or from yourself?

Ewa - I’m not really hiding it but… last March I discovered the hard way… well… I broke up with my boyfriend after 4 years and a half. I got depression, I’ve got meds and I’m doing a therapy which is going pretty well. I want people to know. Actually they have to know so I can restore my trust in people. I want to be safe. I trust people to help me and not let go of me. I want to hide and share at the same time. This is the only way out, trust. This is a connexion with people, letting them in and helping them out.

What do you believe in?

Ewa - I believe in art. I believe this is a very human thing. It’s creating something that is not useful, it’s only about expressing yourself and your emotions. But it’s very powerful. I couldn’t live without it. I understand artists. There is a film I just saw about Vincent Van Gogh, you have to see it! It’s called “Loving Vincent”, the whole film is painted, it’s Polish and it’s very beautiful. After watching this film, I felt like I believed more and more in art.

What are you grateful for?

Ewa - I’m grateful for my friends. Because they really support me with my disease, but also with my decisions. I trust them and they trust me. It’s a really warm feeling to know that there are people you can trust. My friends are amazing. I’m grateful for them.