"Trust is falling into someone’s arms and being certain to be caught"

What is trust?

Emeline - I would say that trust is falling into someone’s arms and being certain to be caught. Being sure that at any time you won’t fall on the floor because this person will be there for you. It’s also a certain lack of care, being able to say you don’t have to worry, because there is nothing to worry about, simple as that. It brings some casualness, some kind of freedom.

What does it mean to be a woman?

Emeline - Today I don’t know what it means to be a woman. A woman is life, for me. Because I gave life and it’s something only women can do. This power we have to give life, it says it all.


"Trust is falling into someone’s arms and being certain to be caught"


 And a man? What would be his role?

Emeline - It’s quite special actually. The man is a companion. They put women on a pedestal. And yes, I agree with a lot of people on the fact that women are stronger, that they have special powers, other abilities. And the man is here to accompany this woman to procreate, to create, not only to make children, to make the World live.

What do you believe in?

Emeline - I believe in life. Life with a big L. I believe in love. I have faith in happiness, in people. And it will stay with me my entire life. I have faith in my family… I have faith. I don’t believe in God but this Life, this is how I call God. It’s how I go forward, I grasp the signs life is sending me to find my way. And I have an unshakeable optimism. I believe in people’s good nature.

 What do you hide from yourself?

Emeline - From myself, I don’t think I hide a lot. I think I know myself pretty well. I might put some things on the side rather than actually hiding them. And then one day, dig them out, see how it goes and what I will do with them. But I will not hide them in the sense of lying to myself. At least I’m trying. From others… I hide my fragility, some aspects about me. I hide my weaknesses under a mask that is not really me. And I hide some things about my personality that I don’t accept very well, like the idea that sometimes I feel like I’m better than other people. I’m not going to show this because it’s arrogance. It’s not perceived as anything positive. I don’t like to lose. These are things the world sees as negative aspects, like flaws, so I’m going to hide them. Because I don’t want to be seen as someone who’s got flaws. I want people to see my qualities first.

What are you grateful for?

Emeline - These days I’m grateful for many things. I am grateful for everything life brought me. For the happiness I’ve got. For my son, this baby who’s just magnificent. For his dad, my lover. For the chance I have to live what I live. I may not have the life I wanted, something a bit exceptional, extraordinary, but I have a life that suits me and brings me a lot in terms of happiness and love. Gratefulness is about small things on a daily basis too. And I’m learning to be grateful. I don’t feel like it’s something I knew how to do before. I’m learning. And it’s really great. Because everyday I go to bed and fall asleep with thank yous in my head, and sometimes I struggle to find them. But when I find them, it gives a rhythm to my day. It allows me to look at the world with a different eye, because you won’t stop at the things you don’t want to be grateful for. And it enhances those you want to say thank you for. It brings some kind of casualness and that’s where I see a connexion with trust. We can trust life, we know we’re going to have a good day.