"Hope and nature"

What is tenderness?

Coline - It depends. Serenity and calm.

What does it mean to be a woman?

Coline - It’s about being a human being. A human being, with more things than other beings, but less too. Gifted with the same things but who didn’t flourish in the same way.


"Hope and nature"


Any difference between being a man and a woman?

Coline - It depends on the people, their history, their culture, the social and religious factors. There’s no difference for me though.

What do you hide from yourself? Or from others?

Coline - From myself, as little as possible. Am I trying to hide the fact that I could be happier than I really am? Or maybe that I am a little unhappier, actually. I never know which one really lies at the bottom. It’s like I never know whether I’m strong or weak. There are different layers, but I never know which one sits at the top. I feel like the first layer, some people see me as a strong person, confident, assertive. And others will think that I’m so slim, so skinny, so pale. So I don’t know which is first. And I don’t know which is last. It’s a bit like a dish of lasagna, a mix of strength and weakness. And at the end of the day, it doesn’t matter which is first, which is last. So that is what I hide from myself. And to others, to some extent, but maybe I hide it better.

What is your inner strength, the faith you tell no one about? When there’s nothing left, there would still be this one thing.

Coline - Hope and nature. In the end, we’re just animals.