I believe in the Universe

I read the first articles of What You Believe In again. I remember really well the reasons why I started asking questions. Why I turned my camera towards your eyes rather than Doric columns. But I mostly realise what I've learnt along the way. I heard your answers, even though only a few among you dared using the big words: God, magic, oneself. And I've realised what I believe in: the daughters of the Universe, the Universe, vikings and myself more than anything.

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I believe in the Universe


And then there’s what fell upon me, like Christmas coming early. A wish whispered inside, that only the Universe could have materialised. And I did believe in my wish, sincerely believed it. At the end of summer, I found its contour on my way. Even for me who believes in everything, it’s unbelievable. I thought a wish would only serve as a distraction. I believed it without believing. And yet, it’s there. It’s breathtaking.

I don’t believe in chance. I always needed to deny its existence, to know that anything bad I’d experience would ultimately serve a bigger purpose. And at the end, there would be my wish. Anything you can dream of without even knowing you crave for it too.

Four months later, I believe in the Universe, I believe in the strength of the daughters of the Universe. But most of all, I believe I’m headed for an extraordinary life. And I wish you the same life.