Being a woman

“Succeeding at life, making a success out your relationship, giving life. Being disadvantaged, fearing to lose it all, living formidable ordeals. Seeing all the details in the details, being sensitive, having a gift, intuition, empathy. Being human, exchanging with the man to support one another on equal terms. Being strong, being beautiful, being creative.”. These are some of the definitions you’ve given me when I asked: “What does it mean to be a woman?”


"We search the air until we crack the code"


There’s a language every woman speaks. We look up to the world and letters start whispering together. Like a song hiding secrets between the lines, secrets a man would never spot. We know, we feel, so we search the air until we crack the code that will not remain silent. We move on with our lives, following this text sent out by whichever misty entity. What I do know, is that She is always right. Always. And in any woman lives a piece of Her because the daughters of the Universe always end up cracking the code.

I come to wonder if this extreme intuition is the only difference between a man and a woman. I also wonder who is the man facing the woman. But more importantly, what do they think the other represents, or should represent? At the end of the day, this is why I’m raising the question. Who are you, who do you think you are and what mission do you think you have to accomplish, if any? How do we get along?

I liked one of your answers that talked about equality, interchangeable roles where the strength of one compensates the weakness of the other when life takes over. But when we manage to free ourselves from a society that is more conservative that we’d like to admit, we keep on resisting inside: “I still have to handle it all” or “I still can’t show my emotions”. It’s a toxic circle which cannot break unless the other one looks at you in the eyes and says: “It’s ok, you can let go”.

Being a woman or a man surely is about accepting each other’s strengths and weaknesses, in turns. We'd make a dance on life’s hazards, avoiding embers and protecting ourselves from Icarus’ arrogance, the one painted by Matisse. Because being a woman without the man, is like lighting torches for an empty room. And for me, there is no more beautiful scene than this dance right here.