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"Trust is when you feel at home with someone"

What is trust?

Barbara - Trust is when you feel at home with someone. When you can sleep with someone and feel completely comfortable. I think that’s trust. It can happen with a man, with your boyfriend, but also with your friends. That’s trust.

 What does it mean to be a woman?

Barbara - There is this painting made by Picasso, with this woman biting her nails and destroying them. And that’s what being a woman is. Being a woman is constantly this feeling of losing someone or something. For example, if you’re a mother, you have this anxiety of losing your baby or your son when they grow up. Being a woman is sometimes about losing something. I always feel worried about losing people I care about, or losing something I care about. Especially feelings.


"Trust is when you feel at home with someone"


What is your inner strength? Something you believe in?

Barbara -  I think just the fact that we’re an animal. Sometimes you just need to have a target, to believe in something. And you can take satisfaction from that. But sometimes, I think it’s really important to just find yourself, being an animal. Sometimes, you just have that. And that’s fine. Maybe you don’t need anything else. It’s good to learn how to appreciate that.

What do you hide from yourself or others?

Barbara - Usually, I try to be a nice person, a good person. I think what I mostly hide is when I envy someone.