"Being a woman is like being a book"

What is trust for you?

Annabella - Trust is finding oneself, or someone else, but never crossing the line, I think. To some extent, it’s guessing somebody’s limits and never crossing the line. It’s about respect, trust and respect go in pair. Because you lose respect when someone breaks your trust. And sometimes, you can lose yourself, lose your own self-respect and that can break other people’s trust for you.

What does it mean to be a woman?

Annabella - Being a woman is like being a book and having a lot of stories to tell. A lot of emotions, a lot of sensations, seeing many things. Even when we don’t realise it. I think a woman sees all the details, and everything in detail. I think that’s what being a woman is, being a book and having all these stories… all these beautiful things.


"Being a woman is like being a book"



Is there anything you believe in that helps you go forward?

Annabella - Yes. There is something. You have to have something anyway. For me, it’s my mum. I know she’s been through a lot of very hard ordeals and that she’s still here and she’s still getting up every morning. Seeing that, that she remains very optimistic and that she adores life, it’s inspiring. It inspires to do the same. She’s the one helping me carry on.


Is there something you hide from yourself or others?

Annabella - Yes. We all do. We all need our own secret garden, and sometimes that’s what helps us hang in there. Being able to spend time with ourselves with our own little garden, our own space and our own little secrets, our little book. What is hidden between the lines and that others may not see but that we do know.

Is there anything you’re particularly grateful for?

Yes. Not everything, of course not. I am grateful to be able to read people’s stories. Read stories, period. Being able to write my own and to have the words for it, again and again. And having the imaginary, the imagination and having this possibility.