"Everyone hides their own fears"

What is tenderness?

Adrian - Probably something to do with my daughters I imagine... The touch. Cuddle in the morning.

So it’s about being a dad?

Adrian - Yeah. I think so.

What does it mean to be a man?

Adrian - I don’t know because I never think of myself as a typical man. I’m not really macho, I’m not really competitive, I’m not sexist, I don’t think of women as objects.


"Everyone hides their own fears"



Is that what it means to be a man?

Adrian - If you’re going to any locker room, or gym, or whatever… you hear derogatory talk. It’s still prevalent.

So nothing has changed?

Adrian - No I think it’s more men like me.

How come you’re not a man like them? What made you different?

Adrian - I just think it’s the way I was born.

What do you hide from people, from yourself?

Adrian - I’m always told I hide my emotions. Everyone hides their own fears. Otherwise they end up in self-paralysis. Fear about myself… I guess I always try to fit in, always adapt, never necessarily « be true to myself ». But I’m not sure what « true to myself » is. I think it’s trying to uncover what your deepest fears are and face them.

What is your inner strength?

Adrian - Resilience and loyalty. Loyalty to friends, colleagues. I have an inner belief that everything’s going to work out.