The 5 most beautiful things you said

There is beauty in everything you say, slaps on my heart that make me grateful for the rides I experience as I listen to you.

For the last two months I’ve been chasing you (or am about to do so), I’ve been asking you the same questions, over and over again. And I finally found the 5 most beautiful quotes you gave me for What You Believe In.



"Necessity is the mother of all needs. It’s also the mother of creation. When you’ve got nothing left, you get to work and you create. When there’s no being left, there’s doing."



"Love conquers everything. Because everything is dictated from love or fear. Everything is determined by love or fear. And love always prevails."



"I would say that trust is falling into someone’s arms and be certain you’ll be caught."



"Life, let’s just say that I’m grateful for my life, the good parts, the bad parts, the beautiful and ugly because without one, I wouldn’t appreciate the other."


"There is this painting made by Picasso, with this woman biting her nails and destroying them. And that’s what being a woman is. Being a woman is constantly this feeling of losing someone or something."